Bulldozers are moving in Minnesota! Missouri-based contractor Mid-America Golf & Landscape won the public bid and broke ground in October 2020. The redesigned and rebranded Loop at Chaska will reopen in 2022.

In early 2019 Artisan Golf Design was hired by non-profit Barrier Free Golf and the City of Chaska to transform their 1971 Robert Trent Jones-designed short course into a showcase for accessible golf.

From the Barrier Free Golf website:

The project goals are to reimagine and renovate Chaska Par 30 to make it a place where everyone in the community feels welcome, and where research-based approaches to golf course sustainability and environmental stewardship are embraced.

The renovated golf course will be:

1. A national demonstration project that shows how golf course design can grow the game by appealing to new populations – especially golfers with physical and sensory impairments;

2. a showcase and laboratory that integrates the latest golf industry research in the areas of sustainable management and environmental impact;

3. a learning and training center for new and returning golfers of all ages and abilities;

4. inviting and fun for golfers of all skill levels – from beginner to pro – incorporating design features from other popular short courses around the nation; and

5. most importantly, a place where people can come together as full members of the community – around their common passion for golf.

By redesigning the Chaska Par 30 to reflect these aspirations, Barrier Free Golf will open up the sport to thousands of new players, foster a greater sense of community and create a model for the growth and sustainability of golf that can be replicated across the country.

Artisan Golf Design is thrilled to be helping with this remarkable project.